Cliff Curtis discusses triumphant biopic The Dark Horse at Glasgow Film Festival

Video | 22 Feb 2015

New Zealand actor Cliff Curtis, best known for his roles in Whale Rider and Once Were Warriors, is a commanding presence in The Dark Horse, which tells the true story of Genesis ‘Gen’ Potini, a bipolar Maori chess champion who, after suffering from a mental breakdown, finds salvation teaching chess to a group of disadvantaged kids and helping them to become worthy competitors in time for an upcoming national tournament in Auckland.

The Dark Horse had its Scottish premiere at Glasgow Film Festival and the Kiwi star was in town to discuss the film after the screening. Speaking to festival co-director Allan Hunter, Curtis tells the festival audience how he “went method” for the role: “Gen was an avid beer drinker. And I’m not. So I got to drink like a dozen to two dozen beers a day, while playing chess 24 hours a day... It was awesome! I got really fat!”

Watch the full interview above.

Video produced by Cutscene Media Ltd. and Glasgow Film Festival.

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