CAUSTIC GULP by Bryan M. Ferguson: The Skinny Short Film Competition 2015

Shortlisted in The Skinny Short Film Competition 2015, director Bryan M. Ferguson explains the inspirations and processes behind his film, CAUSTIC GULP

Video | 31 Jul 2015

Filmmaker's statement:

"When a mysterious chemical reacts with the chlorine of a hotel swimming pool, a young resident starts recruiting followers for her strange cult."

CAUSTIC GULP was shot in Florida at the start of 2015. It's a project thats allowed me to unspool my fascination with the eccentricities of human behaviour. I developed the film for an audience to study the irregular behaviours of strangers in an unusual situation. I think we're a generation of perverts and I find it thrilling to watch an audience of regular people transforming into a crowd of peeping toms. The film was constructed to keep its viewer at a distance but to quickly engage them while slowly leading them in to the film's darkly comic but disconcerting situation.


What do you do and why do you do it?
I make odd short films and take photographs. I’m not sure why I do it, it seems to be instilled in me.

I’ve been working with visuals and telling stories since I was in single digits, so it’s been a part of my life almost since birth. It’s just something that’s in my blood.

Where did the initial idea for your film come from?
I have absolutely no idea. I guess I have images in my head that fascinate me at the times when I'm focusing on a new project. I already knew I wanted to explore strange human behaviours and then that snowballed into cultism and from there I was intrigued by the notion of creating a bizarre cult that would seem plausible but quite absurd.

Describe your film in five words?
A weird, wet & colourful viscous.

What excites you most about filmmaking?
Everything. I normally take on most of the roles behind the camera on my projects so I find each stage of the process quite a fascinating experience in their own ways. From experimenting with story structure in the scripting stage, then playing with the visuals during production, to stitching it together in post-production. Every aspect of the process is addictive.

What advice would you give other filmmakers?
Grow a thick skin and don’t let rejection crack your knees.


A film by Bryan M. Ferguson

Nat Di Resta
Bryan M Ferguson
Gerard Bonner

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