British Sea Power discuss putting on A Night at the Regal

Video | 28 Feb 2015

Glasgow Film Festival celebrated the Glasgow ABC's past and present with A Night at the Regal, an evening of live sonic cinema paying tribute to the Sauchiehall Street building's cinematic history (it started life as one of the city's first cinemas, the ABC Regal) and its current use as an O2 gig venue.

The lineup was co-curated by Lost Map Records and began with the label's artists Monoganon and eagleowl presenting a series of bespoke compositions to film and video. 

Indie-rockers British Sea Power took the headline slot, performing their score to Penny Woolcock's archive film From the Sea to the Land Beyond, which charts the history of the British coastline. "We seem to not be able to get away from anything to do with the sea," says the Brighton band's Scott Wilkinson in the video above. "From the name of our band to The Man of Aran [the 1934 Robert Flaherty documentary they famously rescored] to this. We live by the sea, we go swimming, we can't avoid it really."

Glasgow Film Festival programme coordinator Sean Greenhorn summed up the night: "It salutes one of our oldest cinema venues, one of [GFF's] focuses this year is Cinema City, so we were looking at that, and also it was just a really great evening."

Video produced by Cutscene Media Ltd. and Glasgow Film Festival.

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