A Moment To Contemplate: Short film with music from theapplesofenergy

A haunting short film from filmmaker Stuart Edwards with theapplesofenergy's track, A Moment To Contemplate

Video | 31 Mar 2014

A surreal and nocturnal portrait of Leith revealing a series of atmospheric snapshots resting on a dark,brooding soundtrack from theapplesofenergy, influenced by the work of American Street Photographer Bruce Gilden.

"The film was made with the intention of using the soundtrack as a guide for the visuals. The brief became about delving into places which would not be seen during the day and meeting characters who spent time in places that were slightly edgy and obscure," explains Stuart Edwards.

Director: Stuart Edwards 
Cinematography: Stuart Edwards & Nick Seviour

Get theapplesofenergy five track album – a ghost from a whisper here.