Yuck ’n Yum, Zine Idol and AGK

Video | 16 Dec 2013

Yuck ’n Yum launched their final zine on Saturday, ending a successful five years of zine production. But have no fear, they will continue to involve themselves in art events and production. This statement was issued by a representative:

“All at Yuck 'n Yum are incredibly proud of what our zine has achieved over its 5 years' existence. There's a sense that we've done what we originally set out to do, and we're happy to see other people make exciting, creative zines of their own. We want to support their efforts. So Yuck 'n Yum is not dead! In January we launch a project called Zine Idol. That's a zine contest where the winners get the support, guidance, and cash they need to follow their dreams.”

We have also been assured that the Yuck ’n Yum AGK will continue to go from strength to strength. So, to get in the festive spirit, we've posted the winning videos from this year as well as last year. Time to gather the family around the computer and sing along!

2013 AGK winning video from Lewis Den Hertog:
“An apocalyptic chant, lip-synced by beasts stranded in the cybersexual wasteland.”

2012 AGK winning video from Edward Humphrey, Sophie Morris and Jeppe Rohde Nielsen:
“A young man gets hit by an electric shock and descends into a dream in which he serenades and charms a young woman.” 

The archive of AGK videos can be found here.