The Skinny Shop: Rabiya Choudhry video interview

Rabiya Choudhry, one of the emergent artists featured in The Skinny Shop's first Culture Label collection, discusses her work and influences

Video by Peter Marsden | 09 May 2012

Rabiya Choudhry is a painter who lives in Edinburgh. She graduated from ECA in 2006, has shown in Collective, DCA and in the Edinburgh International Festival, and has lately been exhibiting in Edinburgh, Paris and Prague.

“Family’s a big theme for me – a lot of my work comes from memory, the subconscious, dreams. Everything’s threaded from my upbringing. I like to have fun and make pictures I’d like to hang on my wall and make me laugh – there’s always a bit of humour behind everything.

“I grew up in a house where there wasn’t much art, so the television was kind of the exhibition space – that’s where a lot of my influences came from. A lot of cartoons, films. I watch a lot of horror films. I’d say my dad’s a big influence, his religion, his belief in Islam is fascinating to me.

“I made some money for the Culture Label collection. I made three drawings in red ink; money – lack of it, desire for it. I wanted to make these intricate drawings of money and I used red because it’s the colour of blood. Using the designs of the three coins themselves – one pence, two pence, a pound – and doing my own version. That’s what I’m always trying to do, trying to bring things to life more with a sense of humour and make them look a bit better than they do.”

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