Replay: New film from Scottish Ballet dancers

Video | 10 Jul 2015

A short film which aims to show the athletic abilities of some of Scotland's best ballet dancers, Replay was shot by Scottish Ballet’s Lewis Landini and features his fellow dancers Javier Andreu and Remi Andreoni.

Describing the film, Landini said: “As a dancer myself, I have an understanding of what movements will flatter the dancers… Javier is a great turner and Remi has a strong jump, so we tried to show that. Because of this we were able to work quickly and keep it fun (I hope!).”

Landini also said that his goal in Replay was to show the athleticism required of elite ballet dancers. He said: “There's an energy and a rawness to male ballet dancers that I am fascinated by. It kind of clashes with the ritual and tradition of classical ballet, and it's this that I wanted to show on film.

“I wanted my film to show the men as athletes rather than elitist dancers. So often male dancers are depicted as tight-wearing fairytale princes and I wanted to shake that up a bit! It was really easy working with Javier and Remi – they're both fabulously talented and we're also friends, so it was a lot of fun to shoot with them.”

Scottish Ballet’s Christopher Hampson has been appointed as the company’s new chief executive, having served as artistic director since 2012. During his time in charge of Scottish Ballet, Hampson has been praised for bringing in leading choreographers from outside the company to work with Scottish Ballet’s dancers.