In at the Deep End: Video interview with Black Sea director Kevin Macdonald

Video | 15 Dec 2014

Kevin Macdonald is a tough director to pin down. He’s probably best known for two documentaries, 2003’s Touching the Void, which recreated the perilous journey of two climbers in the Peruvian Andes, and Marley, his 2012 doc on the life, music and legacy of Bob Marley, but he’s just as adept with fictional subject matter. From thriller The Last King of Scotland to teen romance How I Live Now via sword and sandals action romp The Eagle, he's a director who likes to change things around with each new film.

His latest is old-school submarine movie Black Sea, which sees a band of sailors – led by a Scottish-accented Jude Law – commandeer an antique Russian submarine to hunt down a cachet of Nazi gold that's rumoured to be at the bottom of the eponymous body of water. For more background on Black Sea, read our interview with Law's co-star Ben Mendelsohn.

In the video, Macdonald speaks about the production from the decommissioned Russian sub on which much of the filming took place. He explains his inspiration for Black Sea, why he wanted Jude Law to play the lead, and the difficulty of shooting a feature film on a real submarine.


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