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The Skinny presents Art Pistol, in association with Own Art

Video | 15 Jul 2014

Based online all but for frequent pop-up shows, Art Pistol offers an appealing way to spend a rainy day, perusing art work for hours from the comfort of your own home. The gallery specialises in original, affordable art and their ever growing artist base makes it a valuable resource to discover new and exciting artists and works. Now in partnership with Own Art, the initiative which enables buyers to pay for art over a 10 month period, Art Pistol has become even more affordable. With such ease of viewing and of purchase, Art Pistol leaves no room for excuses; everyone is able to adorn their walls with individual, limited edition works.

Art Pistol showcase a range of different works: from that of new graduates of the Scottish art schools and those around the UK, to more established artists.

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