Archer: Season 10

The foul-mouthed FX show’s tenth outing hit Netflix this month, with its titular hard-drinking mother and son on a new mission among the stars

Tv Review by Carmen Paddock | 02 Sep 2019
  • Archer
Title: Archer, Season 10
Series Creator: Adam Reed
Starring: H. Jon Benjamin, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, Chris Parnell, Lucky Yates, Jessica Walter (voices)
Platform: FX

After so many seasons, Archer’s constant reinvention and experimentation with its same core set of characters is perhaps its saving grace: leaving Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) in a coma in 2016 has allowed the show to go to the most outlandish scenarios, extending its life with the sheer novelty of historical fiction, jungle adventures, and ‘space cowboy’ escapades. It is tremendous fun, especially since (by this point) viewers know how the team operates in each ridiculous scenario. That said, the nature of the show prevents much meaningful character development, and thus its options may be soon exhausted.

The future of the show aside, Archer 1999 is a delight. Putting the beloved dysfunctional crew in all sorts of retro sci-fi scenarios fits well into the show’s framework – notably in the more narrative form that the show has taken in Sterling’s hospital dreams. Matt Berry steals his episode (and perhaps the whole series) as an alien intent on experiencing all the world has to offer before blasting all into oblivion.

Unfortunately, Sterling’s overactive imagination somewhat sidelines the show’s constant MVP Pam Poovey (Amber Nash) this series – a weak spot in this series after exhibiting perhaps the most versatility, expansion, and wild card potential throughout the rest of the show. That said, Amber Nash has spoken about enjoying this character freedom, comparable to Krieger’s appearance as a parrot in Danger Island, and none of the characters (save perhaps Sterling and Lana) are granted much in the ways of dignity or depth. Indeed, Archer's flippancy and outlandishness might cease to function if that were the case.

There will be an eleventh series, and given Archer 1999’s ending it has the potential to push the show to new territory while perhaps bringing these escapades to a timely close. Until then, pour yourself something the Archers would approve of and enjoy the interstellar adventures.

Seasons 1-10 of Archer are currently streaming on Netflix