The Skinny's 10 Best TV Shows of 2023

The Skinny's team have put their heads together and come up with the best ten TV shows of 2023. As well as big hitters like The Bear and Succession, look out for some surprise suggestions

Article by TV Team | 21 Dec 2023
  • The Bear

1. The Bear

2022’s culinary drama The Bear made waves for being a visceral, perfectly formed examination of grief, perfectionism and community. The second season is similarly white-hot, trading Carmy’s bumpy initiation into The Beef for a stressful refurb of the diner into a cosy, high-end eatery, with myriad crises along the way. Don’t miss the Christmas flashback episode – it’s a family tension tour-de-force, just in time for the holidays. [George Sully] Streaming on Disney+

2. Succession

How could Succession's final season live up to the operatic heights of the previous 29 hours? Well, averaging one psychotic breakdown and relationship-ending tirade per episode certainly did the trick. Dropping a crazy but necessary twist early on was effectively the death knell for Logan Roy's narcissistic, wounded children – nothing's more tragic than losers who're convinced they're winners. [Rory Doherty] Streaming on Now

3. I Think You Should Leave

Tim Robinson's characters continue to stumble into minute social gaffes before trying to ‘solve’ their ‘problems’ in unhinged, aggro fashion. To paraphrase another icon of absurd sketch comedy, they don't back down; they double down. Yet it's the language of ITYSL – the weird aborted half-catchphrases and run-on non-sequiturs about ziplines – that makes it all sing. The phrase 'the wall is his ground' has no right to be as funny as it is, and if after watching the series you don’t agree, I’ll just go on my phone. [Peter Simpson] Streaming on Netflix

4. Blue Eye Samurai

Set during the Edo period when nothing is allowed in or out of Japan, this animated eight-parter follows mixed-race protagonist Mizu, who's hellbent on uncovering her lineage and hungry for revenge. Feminist and postcolonial commentary, tempered with chilling voice performances, cut sharper than any of the myriad swords in Blue Eye Samurai’s action setpieces – an impressive feat for 2023’s bloodiest series. [Ellie Robertson] Streaming on Netflix

5. Poker Face

Natasha Lyonne is in her element as accidental sleuth Charlie Cale, a human lie detector exuding enough nervous energy to power the casino she works at in Laughlin, Nevada. The knives are out from the get-go, with Rian Johnson crafting a satisfying on-the-road howcatchem à la Columbo that pays homage to the genre and keeps viewers on their toes with inventive, gloriously far-fetched resolutions. [Stefania Sarrubba] Streaming on Now

6. A Murder at the End of the World

The OA may go down as the most tragic premature cancellation in Netflix's oeuvre, so any follow-up from singular showrunners Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij should be welcomed with open arms. This tech-noir whodunnit is appropriately ethereal and romantic, oozing with style and tactility, and delivers a final reveal that's as shocking as it is unnerving for our real world. [RD] Streaming on Disney+

7. Beef

When Ali Wong's lifestyle entrepreneur and Steven Yeun's troubled builder get into a rammy in an LA car park, their feud quickly turns into one-on-one state-wide guerilla warfare, with as many flameouts and as much collateral damage as you'd expect. It's hilarious, shocking, brilliantly shot and expertly constructed (the finale will genuinely surprise you), with Wong and Yeun bringing the house down on multiple occasions. [PS] Streaming on Netflix

8. Only Murders in the Building

The Arconia trio sneak behind the scenes of a cursed Broadway production for an intricate murder puzzle, tweaking the show’s irresistible formula to celebrate stage storytelling and human connections with a star-studded playbill. Our detectives’ interludes may seem to deviate from the central plot but trust that every piece will fall back into place by curtain call. [SS] Streaming on Dinsey+

9. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

Off-the-wall anime studio Science Saru illuminates this reimagining of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novels, and whether it’s the loyal voice cast reprising roles from Scott Pilgrim vs the World (Edgar Wright is also executive producing), the ironic humour knowing the best way to tease said stars, or just basic badassery, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is a level-up for Netflix’s 2023 catalogue. [ER] Streaming on Netflix

10. Scavengers Reign

The planet Vesta in Scavengers Reign, an animated sci-fi series made by Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner, is almost unfathomably alien. It teems with inscrutable, psychedelic biodiversity, every frame bristling, squirming, transforming or glowing while the crew of a downed cargo ship try to survive. And while the humans ultimately drive the story (with a great voice cast), it’s their unknowable environment that really steals the show. [GS]