Watch the first trailer for Black Mirror's Arkangel

Overprotective parenting is the subject for the first episode of the new series of Charlie Brooker’s dystopian sci-fi

Video by The Skinny | 27 Nov 2017

We still don’t know the release date for the fourth series of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker’s often terrifying and all-too-believable depictions of how technology will affect human life in the very near future. We do, however, have the trailer for the first episode of the anthology show. Titled Arkangel, it follows a frantic mother who goes to extreme lengths to keep her daughter safe.

Rosemarie DeWitt plays the overprotective parent, and the trailer shows her frantic when she briefly loses sight of her young daughter while visiting a neighbourhood play park. To stop this happening again, DeWitt’s character volunteers her daughter for a trial procedure that involves some kind of tech implant, which we see being administered directly into the girl’s cranium via a large needle. The words “The key to good parenting is control,” pop up ominously in the trailer. Brooker’s depiction of the future tend to be on the dystopic side, so we’re guessing the trial doesn’t go well.

The episode is directed by Oscar-winning actor Jodie Foster, whose directing credits include indie films Little Man Tate and The Beaver as well as TV shows House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Other episodes will be helmed by the likes of David Slade (30 Days of Night), John Hillcoat (The Road) and Colm McCarthy (The Girl with All the Gifts). In front of the camera, actors like Andrea Riseborough, Game of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie, Breaking Bad’s Jesse Plemons and Maxine Peake will feature in this new series.

Take a look at the trailer in the player above or on YouTube. The Black Mirror season four release date is yet to be announced