Stranger Things fave back from the dead in new trailer

No, it’s not Barbs.

Video by Jamie Dunn | 14 Feb 2020

Is Jim Hopper dead? That was the question on every Stranger Things fans’ lips at the close of Season 3, when it appeared the moustachioed sheriff had been vaporised by a Russian laser attempting to punch a hole into the mysterious alternate dimension dubbed The Upside Down. A final coda at the end of the season, set in a Siberian prison, suggested that Hopper might have actually been kidnapped by the Russians, rather than turned to dust, but news that the actor who plays Hopper (David Harbour) had been removed from Season 4’s cast list suggested that maybe he had actually perished after all.

Those rumours were well and truly quashed today with the first teaser trailer for Season 4, titled From Russia with Love, taking us to a Gulag in the chilly north of the USSR (this is the mid-80s remember) to find Hopper alive if not necessarily well. A drone shot over an icy tundra swoops in to find a chain gang building a railway line while guards brandishing Kalashnikovs look on dispassionately. And at the very end of the clip, one of the prisoners pulls off his ushanka to wipe down his brow, and turns out to be the missing sheriff.

Put your mind at ease over Hopper's involvement in the new series by taking a look at the teaser above or on YouTube