Eleven returns in the final Stranger Things 2 trailer

The final trailer for Strange Things season two suggests things are going to get nightmarish for the people of Hawkins, Indiana

Video by The Skinny | 13 Oct 2017

Netflix have picked the perfect day, Friday the 13th, to drop the final trailer for the second season of Stranger Things. The promo suggests the monsters are going to be a lot bigger in this new series, and the atmosphere more nightmarish, as young Will Byers is left reeling after his experience in the Upside Down.

The good news is that Eleven, everyone’s favourite pint-sized psychic is back, and with a lot more hair. The bad news is that a creature much more terrifying than season one’s Demogorgon is on its way to Hawkins, Indiana.

Word has it that Stranger Things creators, the Duffer Brothers, have taken influence from James Cameron action films like The Terminator and Aliens this time around, and that’s backed up by the action-packed trailer. As well as all the main characters from season one – including David Harbour's Jim Hopper, Winona Ryder's Joyce Byers and Finn Wolfhard's Mike Wheeler –   eagle-eye viewers will spot a few new characters in the mix too. Take a look at the new trailer in the player above.

Stranger Things season 2 streams on Netflix from 27 Oct