Samhuinn Shenanigans

Feature by Paul Mitchell | 08 Oct 2010
  • Halloween Clubbing

There are those at The Skinny (not the Fashion Ed it must be said) who long for the return of the tunic as everyday wear for all and sundry. Until that day arrives, we'll be taking the opportunity to don one at Spooks & Sacrifice at the Celtic Samhain Festival, where we shouldn't look out of place. The setting is The Scottish Crannog [ancient loch-dwelling huts] Centre, Kenmore, Loch Tay. Halloween was pretty much invented by the Iron Age Celts who lived in these abodes, so you can go all 'authentic' and join a torchlit procession through loch-side woods or burn a (wicker) ram in ceremonial sacrifice. Bring a lantern, and a tunic, then wear it to work next morning. Dare ya! 

Adults £6.50 Children (age 4-16) £4.00 Tel. 01887 830583

Generally sporting considerably less than, well, any garment really, the Edinburgh Beltane Fire Society present the Samhuinn Festival showing us that Pagans really do have more fun as they take to the Royal Mile for the all-dancing, all blazing showdown between the Winter and Summer Kings. The event starts from 9pm and is free. Are we going to see the Summer King win FOR A FUCKING CHANGE???

The updated 'Hollywood' take on such parades takes place over the road in Glasgow. Watch mindless, reanimated corpses shuffle along aimlessly sporting grotesque make up – then leave Sauchiehall Street (ahaha) and go see the Glasgow Zombie Walk 2010! Details will be confirmed at

There are officially 3.2 million (probably) spookily-themed events to choose from all over Scotland on Halloween weekend. Dundee's Doghouse ( has fancy dress parties on 30 and 31, with the Saturday night event entitled Halloween Burlesque, 1930s style. That really does sound scary. Glasgow's Stereo ( hosts the Fence Records Halloween Party from 2pm. Not much word on line-up or cost yet, but we hear Silver Columns are a definite starter. We've met those guys, and they freak the shit out of us! And nobody celebrates a Death Weekend like the Roxy Art House ( with macabre manifestations of various artforms, from cult film to wild parties, experimental literature to live art, oh and another zombie parade. Most events are free, none cost over a fiver. Get dying!