Halloween Experience @ The Edinburgh Dungeon

Feature by Adeline Amar | 18 Oct 2010

Forget about the horror stories from OK! (and, err, Austria), dungeons are fun! Or at least, the Edinburgh Dungeon is, with features designed to make the most of its Scottish location. Mary King’s ghost appears to talk about the plague years whilst Burke & Hare (the Grassmarket murderers who famously made money from killing passers-by and selling their victims’ bodies to an anatomist) take the visitors on a graveyard tour, tomb seats included.

Burke & Hare are the latest addition to the Dungeon, a nice complement to the other new seasonal show about Jack O’ Lantern, aka the man who trapped the Devil, aka the legend behind Halloween’s carved pumpkin/turnip. And let’s not forget about the ‘drop ride’ that recreates a hanging and will make everyone scream – possibly even louder when they see photos of their face during the drop.

Other features include a lesson in autopsy and an introduction to torture. No need to pretend your visit is due to historical research purposes though, the Dungeon is more like a fun ride than a ghost tour. Yes there are the expected animated rats and severed foam heads, but the skilled actors encourage participation and really make the atmosphere. Even better if you’ve had a pint beforehand.

The Halloween Experience runs from 15-31 Oct, tickets £15.50 per adult or £10.85 with online discount