Glasgow Doors Open Day

Feature by Paul Mitchell | 06 Sep 2012
  • Arches doors open day

A good traveller, as someone else is likely to have said, far more eloquently and with much more effective philosophical impact, is not concerned with mere distance and destination, rather with openness to new experiences, the opportunity to alter perception, see things in new lig... OK, this month, the Travel section of The Skinny recommends going all the way, em, to our own back yard - specifically Glasgow - but like you've (probably) not seen it before.

Doors Open Day (Glasgow Edition) is in its 23rd year now, and the weekend of Sep 15 and 16 sees 100 buildings thrown wide to the unwashed masses (as in, it's free to get in everywhere), and adorned with a comprehensive series of talks, walks and events designed to help celebrate the diversity of our largest city. 

A particular highlight is the opportunity to see The Arches in all its glory - sober. It's their 21st birthday this year (bring cake) and they're promising unfettered access to never before seen areas (except the offices, but who wants to see those anyway?) and are providing free tours every twenty minutes.

That said, if offices are your thing, BBC Scotland will be giving tours of their impressive headquarters at Pacific Quay (advance booking essential). Footy fans will want to take in Hampden Park, while the Gallery of Modern Art and Glasgow Film Theatre will be offering exclusive, behind the scenes tours.


Seminars and talks, Sept 10-14; Doors Open, Sept 15 & 16. Full listings available on the website.