Bonnie Boat: Isle of Skye

Feature by Paul Mitchell | 29 Aug 2011
  • Celestial Radio

Speed bonnie boat, like a bird on the wing, 'Onward!' The sailors cry. Carry the lazy urban dwellers (for just one day, it can't be that hard), over the sea to Skye.

As jingles go, this one may need some work (harmonies, some bass perhaps?) but the day in question is 10 September. For there, The Celeste, a Bàta Brèagha (translation: sexy boat) sails somewhat provocatively into the bay at the beautiful town of Portree. The Celeste (or 'leste' to those on friendly terms) is adorned with 60,000 square inches of mirror (well, we did say sexy) but more importantly, will be used as the centrepiece to broadcast, pirate (radio) style, a selection of songs and stories artists Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich have been collecting in the Isle of Skye (officially the world's fourth best island according to National Geographic Magazine).

This broadcast/soundscape (called Celestial Skye) can form the backdrop for walking around the many beauty spots of the island, but also forms the backdrop to a series of events taking place in Portree on the day – contemporary designer craft exhibitions, film screenings, dance performances, coracle-making workshops, water vessel races and broadcasting and sailing workshops.

Honestly, a big massive floating disco ball... book right now! [Paul Mitchell]

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