Discover a Hidden World of Food with Airbnb

From home-brewing to backyard coffee labs, explore a host of unique food experiences with Airbnb Trips

Advertorial by The Skinny | 10 Jan 2017
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Head to any new city, and the temptation is to wander up and down the main streets trying desperately not to get lost. It turns out that, despite the ubiquity of smartphones and the potential to put together an incredible dossier on any given location, many of us still go on autopilot, especially when we get a bit hungry.

Well, Airbnb's new Trips feature is here to help. With exciting foodie experiences led by local experts, you'll explore the hidden side of the food scene – the producers, venues and tastes that are tucked away from the mainstream, but well worth seeking out.

Food and Drink experiences in London

For a brief foray into the world of guerilla coffee-making, join Dan on The Labin Coffee Tour in Kingston. Over the course of three hours in his lab cabin – or "labin" for short – Dan will talk you through the farming, production and flavours of his ethically-sourced small batch coffee. You'll follow the story of the beans from Kenya to Kingston, explore the flavour profiles behind the perfect cup as Dan roasts up a fresh batch, and take part in a "cupping" to find the perfect taste and aroma. Oh, and there'll be plenty of time for a brew or two before you head off.

If beer's more your thing, The Home Brewer experience with Jo offers the chance to take a close-up look at the brewing process in the Brew Club brewery in Clapton. Jo will guide you through the brewing process step by step, from tracking down the raw ingredients to producing a beer. You'll try a range of beers, learn about a host of techniques and styles, have a drink or two, and take some beers home with you as well.

For an extended delve into London's food and drink scene, join Aidan for the three-day Market Maestro extravaganza, trying out some of London's best hidden gems and foodie secrets. Day one is set in Tooting in South London, visiting a host of markets, eateries, street vendors, and unique local shops, while day two centres around a charcuterie workshop where you'll sample a host of locally-produced cured meats along with a craft beer or two. On the final day Aidan will take you on a tour of Herne Hill Farmer's Market in Brixton, meeting the stallholders and sampling the local produce before exploring the local area.

Or join James, the founder of L’Atypique Craft Cidre company, for his Craft Food Connoisseur immersion. You'll hang out with the brewers from Crate Brewery in Hackney Wick, meet a host of producers, enjoy a private four-course meal of ingredients sourced at Borough Market that day, and go for a Sunday lunch at the Duke of Cambridge in Islington, the UK's only all-organic pub.

Food and Drink experiences around the globe

But it's not just London that's home to some great foodie experiences through Airbnb Trips. There are a host of foodie experiences to be had all over the world, with local experts keen to show you the best of their local food and drink scenes.

In Seoul, food and drink blogger Daniel (behind the popular blog Seoul Eats) hosts West Side Foodie Adventure, a three-hour trawl through the Hapjeong area of the Korean capital. Kicking off with a spot of Korean barbecue, you'll visit the Mangwon Market, trying such delicacies as hotteok – sweet pancakes with a syrupy filling – and fried glutinous rice donuts known as chapssal.

In Tokyo, take a dive into Miso Culture with Abe in a two-day immersion into Japanese cooking. Abe introduces you to the food of Miyagi prefecture in eastern Japan, kicking off in a traditional Japanese izakaya for a welcome dinner of regional speciality. Day two is taken up with miso – as well as learning some great recipes to cook with miso, you'll also produce your own miso starter that will ferment away once you return home, leaving you with a lasting taste of your trip.

In Florence, Giulio shares some of the tricks of the truffle-hunting trade in The truffle hunter. You'll get to know Giulio and try out the much sought-after fungus alongside wines expertly selected by a top local sommelier, then join Giulio and his dog, Eda, on a truffling walk through the Florentine countryside. The main event is a two-hour gourmet truffle tasting at Giulio's home, which he describes as "a truffle museum filled with paintings, poems, and truffle memorabilia", combining a host of flavours and styles with the local delicacy.

And in Los Angeles, Erica will help you immerse yourself in healthy, gluten-free cooking in her Free Your Food experience. A host on the cooking show Bubble Child, Erica will take you behind the scenes on a shoot, showing you a bit about styling food for both TV and your table. The next day you'll join Erica at one of LA's best farmers' markets, before the French-trained chef talks you through the art of gluten-free French cooking.

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