Restarting The Skinny: Support our Crowdfunder

As Scotland begins to open up again, we're asking for your help to bring The Skinny back

Feature by The Skinny | 16 Jul 2020
  • Restarting The Skinny: Support our Crowdfunder

We're crowdfunding! Check out our Restarting The Skinny campaign on Crowdfunder and donate what you can – and read on for some words from The Skinny on the thinking behind the project...

It's a real point of pride for The Skinny team that so much of what we offer is free to use. We don't want people's engagement with their cultural and creative scene to be dependent on their bank balance. We don't charge to be featured in our editorial, so the big and the not-so-big rub shoulders in our pages. We don't want to turn anyone away from an event we're running due to lack of funds, so we try to make those free as well. At the same time, we need money to pay salaries, freelance fees, print costs, distribution fees, web hosting and maintenance... the list goes on. Pesky capitalism.

The lockdown has been a torrid time for the venues, bars, restaurants, galleries, cafes and restaurants who are so important to what we do. They provide homes for the magazine before you lot pick up a copy, they keep us entertained with what they're up to, and some of them even pay for adverts in our print and online editions. 

The lockdown has led to a huge fall in their business, which in turn has huge consequences for The Skinny as things stand. If businesses don't have much money, they can't pay for advertising; if we don't get money from advertising, we can't keep making the magazine.

So we're asking for your help. We're crowdfunding to raise the money needed to bring the magazine back in the coming months, and to get back on our feet a little after a pretty traumatic and turbulent period. Anything you can give will be gratefully appreciated, and if you can't give anything cash-wise then a social shout-out or spreading the word among pals will also help us out a lot. If you have a rich aunt who loves the arts, or a huge bag of cash burning a hole in your pocket, drop us a line on

At the start of lockdown, we huddled around our dining tables, in our cupboards and on our sofas to put together The Skinny's 175th issue. This is a labour of love, but it's also our lives and livelihoods, and we need your help to keep it all going. Here's that link again, just in case. Thanks for your support so far, and stay safe,

The Skinny x