Creative Edinburgh Awards 2020: The Shortlist

This year's Creative Edinburgh Award nominees are a cross-section of the city's creative scene

Feature by Peter Simpson | 19 Oct 2020
  • Creative Edinburgh Awards

Every year, Creative Edinburgh's awards highlight the exciting, intriguing and unexpected creative projects that have emerged from the city in the previous twelve months. While this year has been unlike any other, there is still plenty to celebrate, as can be seen from the shortlist for this year's awards.

Among those nominated are the evergreen literary bandits of Neu! Reekie!, the brilliant SADGRADS 2020 project celebrating the work of this year's art school graduates, and the fine folk of Edinburgh Music Lovers, Visual Arts Scotland and WHALE Arts. Check out the full shortlist below.

This year's awards will be a digital affair, with the prizes dished out via Zoom on 12 November. Tickets are £5, or if you fancy a taste of the usual Creative Edinburgh Awards experience there are Party Packs on offer for £15. These feature drinks from sponsors Sweetdram, nibbles from Mademoiselle Macaron, a print, a DIY memento... basically, it's a goodie bag's worth of stuff, but with none of the danger that you might accidentally leave it under a chair while rushing to get the bus home. For more details and to get your tickets, go to

Creative Edinburgh Awards 2020

The Student Award (Sponsored by Edinburgh College Creative Industries Faculty)

A full or part-time student who has founded a project, developed new ways to approach a discipline or has pushed the boundaries of their medium alongside their studies.

Elle Parks - Bébé Magazine
Euan Lownie - Never, Ever Take Anybody’s Advice on Anything
Jody Mulvey - SADGRADS2020
Kat Cass - Menstrual Products

The Commercial Award

Whether from a creative individual, collective, organisation, or partnership, projects produced for commercial ends where the creative muscles have been flexed and unique end results have been produced.

Studio Arkdefo
Splintr - Safe Server
The Leith Collective

The Startup Award (sponsored by Creative Informatics)

New kids on the block who have been a registered business for three years or fewer and are already making their mark on Edinburgh’s creative scene.

The Flock

The Collaboration Award

Because teamwork makes the dream... become a reality. Projects involving two or more individuals or organisations who have pooled their creativity and strengthened their ties on outstanding projects.

Sing the Gloaming
This Evening’s Performance Has Not Been Cancelled
Neu! Reekie! - #UntitledThree
Hijacked Magazine

The Independent Award

Recognising the individuals who continue to produce dedicated, inspiring and valuable projects which leave a lasting impression.

Jim Byers - Edinburgh Music Lovers
Sandy McGhie - Channel 7A
Saras Feijoo - Playful Fest
Hannah Taylor - The Delicate Rébellion

The Social Award

Recognising the projects and people that use creativity to pioneer ideas, create change and support and engage communities. If it’s impacted Edinburgh’s creative identity, it’s worth celebrating.

Seed Sprout Change
WanderWomen Scotland
Wee Inventors

The Creativity Award

For when innovative approaches have been explored, financial gain has taken a backseat, risks have been taken, and exploration of new ideas and new talent has been placed at the forefront of a project.

In the Company of Insects
Our Linen Stories
Pilar Garcia de Leaniz
This Evening’s Performance Has Not Been Cancelled

The Leadership Award (Sponsored by Creative Informatics)

A pioneer, a mentor, a beacon of light… we’re celebrating the people whose contribution to their field, a project or Edinburgh’s whole creative community has been valuable and vital.

Brian Baglow
Christine Devaney
Hannah Lavery
Sara Thomson

The City Award

Projects which have built on its cultural values, drawn on its city spaces or shouted about our creative hub on a national or international stage.

Creative Bridge
CreativeMornings Edinburgh
Edinburgh Music Lovers

The 2020 Award (Sponsored by Codebase & Creative Bridge)

... because it’s been a year! For those who have pivoted, shifted and reapproached under almost impossible circumstances to support the wider community and respond to hardships faced with creative solutions.

Visual Arts Scotland