CCA Highlights: March and April 2020

Fresh takes on classic films and experimental music underscore much of CCA's vibrant spring programme

Feature by Ben Venables | 06 Mar 2020
  • GSFF

The Rise of Skywalker officially completed the three Star Wars triologies, yet with all the varied spin-offs there's no reason for fans to leave the galaxy far, far away anytime soon. But a fascinating parallel universe also exists in the form of the film Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam, a rare screening of which opens the Remakesploitation Fest (25-26 Apr). Partnering with Matchbox Cineclub, the festival showcases Turkish remakes of classic films. The original remake of Star Wars has been carefully restored – and has the advantage of featuring no George Lucas tampering retcons. 

Now in its 13th year, Glasgow Short Film Festival (19-22 Mar) brings many of its highlights to CCA. The Scottish Short Film Competition runs across four nights. Grouped together by themes – from All Stripped Away, about surface judgements; to We Are Guided, about shared myths and histories – it's a way to see lots of filmmaking talent in under two hours per evening. Our own film team have also dug through their favourite Scottish shorts of the 2010s. The Skinny: Best of the Decade (21 Mar, 3.30pm) includes Alia Ghafar’s Salt and Sauce and Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson’s Monkey Love Experiments, which picked up a BAFTA. There's also international features introduced by the filmmaker: known for his comedic critiques of corruption within Thai society, Sorayos Prapapan (21-22 Mar) is in Glasgow to present two programmes of his work.

The Scottish Vegan Film Festival (12 Apr) also has many short films to choose from. Cow's Milk clocks in at 1min 11secs but still finds dairy industry secrets hiding at the bottom of the glass. Among a varied programme there's also the feature length documentary Code Blue, following a US physician adopting lifestyle-medicine after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Now dividing their time between Glasgow and Berlin, indie-pop band Spinning Coin (15 Mar, 7.30pm) make a full return to their home city on the back of their recent second album Hyacinth. Marking a definite progression to their sound, the LP is a successful mix of their rugged sound with an ethereral charm. 

Counterflows (3-5 Apr) is the part-experiemental music festival and part-community space for fresh ideas and discussion. Its events at CCA reflect these different aspects, including the three-piece Still House Plants who, with creative expertise, bring about a playfulness to making music. Then there's Once Upon a Time in Glasgow, a special event celebrating the legacy of the late double bassist George Lyle – with rare recordings and a discussion hosted by music journalist Stewart Smith.