Watermelon - Stand out from the Topshop crowd

Feature by Melissa Thomson | 16 May 2006

Watermelon is still a baby at only ten months old, but, as Belle and Sebastian are already fond fans alongside many other Glasgow bands, you can bet its first birthday bash in July will be the first party of many. The shop is a giant wardrobe full of wearable vintage clothing from the now hard-to-snatch-up '40s pieces through to '80s. Prices are from under a tenner for one of the many fitted checked shirts, up to £180 for a head turning pink silk-weave '50s ball gown in tip top condition.

The teeny shop is unashamedly full and adoringly decorated with clothes and accessories with no feather boas in sight. It's under-styled yet cool, and the tunes are good too: listening to Pulp and Bowie while browsing makes you want to try on more clothes just to catch the next tune.

With simple salesman logic, pieces are priced so that they can and will be bought: Marie knows herself how annoying it is to always compare new buys to that pricey pretty patterned dress you stroked weekend after weekend until you saw another girl wearing your perfect find. There are '60s mini dresses in realistic sizes from £15 and, unless it's a Mary Quant original - which they have found, and sold in a flash before – they're unlikely to be more than £25.

Attention gentlemen, for there is reason for you to covet this emporium too. Tiresomely, often vintage clothing shops mean ladies vintage plus a few manky '70s zip up tops and paisley patterned ties, but here there's lashings of selection. From Crombie to Levi's to well-tailored formal military-like jackets, there's loads of exceptionally well-made clothes, not just novelty wear.

Best buys? Gavin directs attention to an understated green chiffon evening dress for £35, a girl's forest-green short-chic woollen coat for only £60 and a theatrical Victorian boned bodice selling at £170. Curious best sellers? "The '70s pinnies are selling like crazy just now," Gavin says, "I don't know why, maybe for stylish cooking or maybe girls are wearing them as skirts with a wee bit of bare arse." Well, you heard about that trend here first.

603 Great Western Road, Glasgow, 0141 334 3900

Open 11am-6pm Monday to Saturday and 12pm-6pm Sunday