To a T - make your own shirt

'I'm no vegetarian but I'm off my chops'

Feature by RJ Thomson | 12 Nov 2006

For a while, the folks at Fabrick had been telling us here at The Skinny about the amazing feats they perform when it comes to T-shirt printing. They assured us they could print professional quality designs onto just about any item of clothing, either from their own range or on an item brought in by a customer, all while you wait. Curiosity aroused, we decided – within the limits of legitimate research – to put them to the test.

As the assigned clotheshorse, I was keen to make sure the design would encapsulate a personal theme, as well as offering up a challenge to the T-shirt makers. I was encouraged by Mike, the shop manager, who indicated some of the phrases previous customers had opted to print, including: 'I shot Tim Westwood', 'I'm no vegetarian but I'm off my chops', and, with near-tragic quaintness, 'Fishing Widow'.

I decided to take a line of verse I had written for a fancy dress party as a caption. The dress code on that occasion had been 'The Letter G', and as the Grim Reaper I had decorated my balsa wood scythe with the semi-biblical maxim: 'Through envy of the devil came death into the world, / Ane lanky gotho shitebag wi priorities a twirled.' To match this mouthful I wanted a suitable image, and the tiny, retro-pixelated grim reaper I found on a club flyer was perfect. Despite his diminutive stature the Fabrick team were able to boost him up and reconfigure him to size (though he's still kinda cute, as Deaths go).

My personal eccentricities are unlikely to appeal to all would be T-shirt designers, but do go to show that even the most particular tastes can be catered for. The T itself is a stylish American Apparel cut, and I'm extremely pleased with the result – having debuted it to acclaim one Saturday night. In an age when standing out from the crowd is – or so we are told – in fashion, what better way to do it than to wear your personality on your sleeve?

Fabrick, Cockburn St
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Average t-shirt price £20