Scottish Theatre Highlights: November 2021

A round-up of this month in Scottish theatre, with a host of shows and workshops inspired by COP26, and a new musical about the relationship between people and the planet

Preview by Eliza Gearty | 01 Nov 2021
  • Scottish Theatre Highlights: November 2021

COP26 is in full swing and all those delegates, activists, environmentalists and journalists – not to mention Glasgow's regular residents – are going to need a place to escape, let off steam and emotionally process everything that is going on. Enter Scotland's galleries, cinemas, music venues and, of course, theatres, to happily provide that cultural and creative nourishment that everybody needs. 

And talking of cultural and creative nourishment, what better place to start than Shakespeare? The Tron's movement-based version of The Tempest is running right the way through the COP26 summit (till 13 Nov). If you're planning to be at or around the COP26 conference at all, arts pop-up The Landing Hub – where you can catch performances such as Katy Dye's Climate Grief Karaoke (12 Nov), Penny Chivas' dance-theatre work Burnt Out (12 Nov) and Judith Williams' movement workshop Space In The Body and The Body In Space (11 Nov) – is just a 15 minute walk away from the main site. Craving relief from COP city chaos? Head straight to the Kings Theatre. The world premiere of a new production of Bedknobs and Broomsticks (2-7 Nov) will be just the ticket you need to soothe any eco-anxiety and escape from the madness. 

In Edinburgh, The Lyceum are staging a version of Pedro Calderón's Life Is A Dream (until 20 Nov), translated by playwright Jo Clifford. The original play is a classic of the Spanish Golden Age, and tells the story of a prince who has been isolated since birth and is suddenly released into the world. Elsewhere in Edinburgh, Ballet Black are bringing a brand new bill of dance to Festival Theatre (18 Nov). 

In Dundee, Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre are celebrating their new status as a Tayside Climate Beacon with a brand new musical about the relationship between people and the planet called This Is A Love Story (6 Nov). We interview the brains behind the show, Jack Godfrey and Ellie Coote, in our November issue, out this week. We'll save most Christmassy stuff till next month but A Christmas Carol is also running at Dundee Rep from 27 Nov, for those of you who like to get excited early. Bah humbug ...