The Curve Foundation Dance Company

Article by Jenny Peebles | 15 Jun 2006
Keep an eye on the Curve Foundation. Actually, make that several, because there's a lot to see in this showcase, which boasts a world premiere. This is the hard-hitter which is preceded by a number of briefer, though by no means lesser, works. Two fresh pieces by Rui Lopes Graça deserve particular praise – buoyant, beautiful and delightfully danced by the female soloists - while Merce Cunningham's quirky 'Signals' appears to great advantage in the sparse performance space. Ross Cooper's snappily titled 'When Disturbed, Then Disturbed', a twisted duet in which Cooper dances, is intense; by turns compelling and unnerving. 'Beyond Prejudice', the world premiere by the Royal Ballet's Jonathon Watkins, is much more palatable. It is atmospheric and intelligently choreographed for four dancers clothed in soft yellow and grey, whose collaboration is the most affecting of the evening. Its satisfying final moments bring to a close a programme that showcases the intriguing nature of the company itself, as much as the many different choreographers whose work they tackle. [Jenny Peebles]
Curve Foundation Dance Company, Brunton Theatre, Edinburgh, May 12-13.