See How They Run

A charming comedy of manners, mistaken identity and ""ooh, vicar!"" licentiousness

Review by Jonathan Liew | 16 Apr 2006

Hang out the bunting and, indeed, fly all the flags. The classic English farce, an art form which comedy brains ranging from Noel Coward to John Cleese have embraced, keeping three generations of Daily Mail readers entertained in the process, is, it seems, back. In this charming comedy of manners, mistaken identity and "ooh, vicar!" licentiousness set in the small village of Merton-cum-Middlewick during the Second World War, it's as if there's some corner of the theatrical field that is forever England. The performances are deliciously histrionic, the slapstick timed to perfection and a healthy but never overwhelming sense of chaos is maintained throughout. Even the Nazi's kinda cuddly. And while the stuffy accents and affected tra-la-la may not be everyone's cup of English tea, in terms of well-crafted storytelling soaked in oodles of good, clean fun for all the family, it's a delight. Spiffing. [Jonathan Liew]

King's, Edinburgh, Feb 21-25