Conversations in Havana

Article by Simone Gray | 17 Mar 2006
From the first piercing image of Che (Gerald Kyd) sitting in an army jacket coughing, smoking and downing mugs of something clear, lethal and probably Cuban, to the last of him disguised beyond recognition in suit and tie – this tale of the popular Cuban war hero, his wife and Fidel Castro transports the audience to a time and place rarely explored. The quality writing from Mike Gonzalez, a professor of Latin American Studies at Glasgow University, and the experienced direction from Liz Carruthers helps the talented cast lure the audience into the lives and humanity of iconic revolutionary figures. Kyd and co.'s passionate portrayal does justice to the rich subject matter as they provide an alternative look at Che the revolutionary as he battles to find his place in the Cuba he helped build. The cheers and applause from the packed Oran Mor audience only confirm what we all know – this is good lunchtime theatre. [Simone Gray]
Oran Mor, Glasgow, Feb 13-18