Cannibal Women of Mars @ Tron

The year is 2113. Earth is rife with overpopulation and unemployment. Also, the Department of Chastity will hunt you down, if you attempt to have sex with another human being

Review by Eric Karoulla | 12 Jul 2013
  • Cannibal Women of Mars

Regardless of how you view musicals or sci-fi, a musical that starts off on the premise that genetically modified women live on Mars instantly sets itself up to be a comedy of the B-movie genre. Throw in a score by Belle and Sebastian's Mick Cooke, and it is a finger-lickin' good time.

Cannibal Women of Mars has something for everyone: a sci-fi conspiracy plot for the conspiracy theorists, a very panto-esque villain for the panto-goers, and romance for the lovers. 

Gavin Mitchell – of Casablanca's Gin Joint Cut – ought to have a special mention as he took on three or four other minor parts as well as being the Grinch-like villain in this tale of intergalactic intercourse.

 Aside from the occasional awkward moment when the band zealously played louder than the singers, Cannibal Women of Mars was hilarious. It will leave you walking out of the theatre, sides split, singing the extremely memorable lyrics including one-liners like "I don't want to eat you, I want to love you instead." 




Aug 5 - 20, 7:45pm Tron Theatre, Glasgow