Motherland @ Summerhall

Preview by Eric Karoulla | 30 Jul 2013

At the Fringe for the first time since 1993, Vincent Dance Theatre plan to take the Summerhall dissection room by storm this August. Directed and choreographed by Charlotte Vincent, Motherland grapples with the troublesome nature of gender politics in today's society. More specifically, Vincent Dance Theatre focus on the inconsistent and often contradictory stereotypes around femininity and motherhood, as reflected in the song Pussy Riot: “I need to be available but not too available.”

Devised in collaboration with the company's core of Aurora Lubos, Janusz Orlik, Patrycja Kujawska as well as composer Alex Catona and dramaturg Ruth Ben Tovim, the performance is heavily influenced by the cast – a different combination of performers could have had a different outcome. The diversity of the international cast is reflected in the show itself; each cast member interprets the theme through their own perspective and brings their own varied skillset to the stage. From singing and dancing to playing the violin and electric guitar, there appear to be no shortage of surprises in this performance.

With anger at the hypocrisies and inequalities of the modern world channelled into dance, live music, and theatre, Motherland is a production to move and entertain. [Eric Karoulla]

Aug 19 - 23, various times and prices, Summerhall.