Currently on its UK tour, Alex Bradley and Charlies Poulet's merging of physical and visual art challenges the way in which we perceive the life that surrounds us.

Feature by Yasmin Sulaiman | 15 Jun 2006
An over-reliance on sensory perception seems to be the guiding principle of human existence in the modern world. 'Whiteplane_2', an innovative exploration in light and sound engineered by Alex Bradley and Charles Poulet, addresses this element of our daily lives. Playing at the Tramway in June, the show aims to challenge the methods through which we perceive the life that surrounds us, and so far has received widespread acclaim.

The performance combines the use of light and ambisonics, a truly 3D form of sound that allows the accurate recording, synthesizing and playing back of sounds from left and right, front and back, as well as up and down. While ambisonic technology has been available since the 1970s, it is only in the 21st century that it has been harnessed to this extent, to allow it to be used in the artistic sphere. As a result, 'Whiteplane_2' is the first work of its kind to use ambisonics.

There are no walls in Bradley and Poulet's show: instead, the audience is encouraged to engage with the performance both physically and emotionally, with their bodies as well as their minds. Bradley, a dancer and digital/sound artist, and Poulet, a sound engineer who has worked beside many live acts and projects including MIA and All Tomorrow's Parties, bring together their unique talents in an amalgam of physical performance and visual art to create a truly unique sensory feast that cannot be missed.
Tramway, Glasgow, June 16-25 (Contemporary Music Network)