Yoshi's Woolly World

Game Review by Jack Yarwood | 30 Jun 2015
Game title: Yoshi's Woolly World
Publisher: Developer: Good-Feel, Publisher: Nintendo
Release date: 25 June 2015
Price: £39.99

If you're tired of bleak first-person shooters and bland over the shoulder action games then Yoshi’s Woolly World may be the break that you need. Bursting with colour and packed with tons of collectibles, the latest game from Nintendo is a relaxing jaunt that packs plenty of fun for all.

There’s simply no denying that Yoshi’s Woolly World is a truly gorgeous game. The new yarn aesthetic works tremendously well, creating a series of interesting and compelling worlds for players to inhabit. The presentation of the game and its unique worlds is arguably one of its strongest points, injecting things with an irresistible charm that players will find difficult to ignore.

In true Nintendo fashion, the story is recycled from earlier Yoshi titles. Kamek, the main antagonist from previous games, returns in this adventure, this time turning the Yoshis on Craft Island into Wonder Wool before kidnapping them. It's up to the two Yoshis that managed to escape to pursue the dastardly villain across six varied worlds and save the others. The story in the game is extremely simple, yet effective, giving players just the right amount of motivation to keep on playing, though it may disappoint those expecting some fresh ideas from the franchise.

In terms of gameplay, Yoshi’s Woolly World is basic and therefore easy to pick up. Players control Yoshi through a range of areas, swallowing enemies to make yarn balls to throw at other enemies. Secret areas are marked by thread, and tunnels offer further secrets to uncover. Along the way, players are also able to collect all of the Wonder Wool hidden in the levels to reassemble their friends.

There are also sunflowers and stamps to collect on each stage, unlocking new content in the game in the form of new badge abilities, stickers, and other playable Yoshis. Players can also unlock even more content by other means, but at a price, due to the game being compatible with amiibo. Using certain amiibo with the Wii U GamePad will unlock new Yoshis modelled after popular Nintendo characters, a neat little addition for those willing, and able, to part with the extra cash.

Another key area in the game that is worth celebrating is its music. Acoustic guitars are used extensively throughout the score to great effect, further emphasizing the laid-back nature of the platforming title. This sets the tone perfectly, and is important in helping the player ease into each individual play session. Then again, this is not particularly surprising, considering we have come to expect no less from Nintendo over the years.

Yoshi’s Woolly World is a game that's very easy to love. Sure, it can come across as overly simplistic at times, but it more than makes up for this with its incredible visuals and relaxing score. Whether you’re new to the series or a returning player eager to see what Yoshi gets up to next, there is plenty for gamers at every level to appreciate here.