Worms: Open Warfare

Game Review by James Brooks | 16 May 2006
Open Warfare', the latest incarnation of the immensely popular series has just been released for the PSP/DS, and the first signs definitely looked good. The idea of being able to obliterate up to three other teams of worms anywhere in the world is surely enough to whet the appetite of any veteran. Sadly the process of shipping the little critters over to the portable consoles appears to have had its drawbacks. Whilst the control method on the DS is good enough once you've gotten some practice, 'Open Warfare' seems to completely lack any remnant of the depth that was present in earlier games. Map, weaponry and general game options are sadly limited with the aforementioned global multiplayer (as well as blowing the bejesus out of nearby mates who are similarly DS endowed) being the only feature that's likely to illicit any long lasting appeal. The 'hot seat' single console multiplayer feature (passing DS around whilst the other players twiddle their thumbs) merely shows how close this game is what you might expect to find on a mobile phone. Unless you find it on the cheap side of a tenner don't waste your money – go and buy the PC version. [James Brooks]
Out Now by Team17/THQ on PSP/DS
£24.99 DS/£29.99 PSP