Tiger Woods PGA Tour '07 (Electronic Arts)

it's amazing how much fun you'll actually have, even if you're not really a golf fan

Game Review by Steve Adams | 12 Dec 2006
It's a beautiful game, golf. For some reason hitting a small white ball with a large metal stick just works. So it's with great anticipation we come to Tiger Woods PGA Tour '07, because last year's version was stupidly addictive. Thankfully, so's this update, with more courses (21 to be exact), 50 golfers and far too many new features to name, though you'll know they're new because they say 'new' beside them on the menus. EA have managed to make the courses
look even better than before. Sun shining, deer walking about in the
forests next to the green, waterfalls; you'll feel like you're actually there, and you'll probably wish you had a club in your hands to smack off the ground when you go into the trees. It's all really rather pretty. More commentary this time around, from David Feherty and Gary McCord, and it actually proves quite handy to listen to the tips they come out with, or the random observations which issue forth when you go into the bunker. Quibbles? Well, the Create-A-Player mode takes ages to go through, and feels a bit overdone, and you may or may not get around to actually trying out all the new modes – we just stick on Tournament or Multi-player and have at it. It's Multi-player where Tiger Woods PGA Tour '07 really comes into its
own. Get a few mates, a six pack and it's amazing how much fun you'll actually have, even if you're not really a golf fan. We like Tiger Woods PGA Tour '07. Once you scratch the surface (i.e. get through all the menus) there is a fiendishly addictive game underneath, which will have you thinking "Just one more hole…". Trust us. You'll be glad you did. [Steve Adams]
Release Date: Out now on All Formats. http://www.ea.com