The Da Vinci Code


Game Review by Chris Pickering | 15 Jul 2006

The majority of these licensed tie-in gaming titles prove to be wholly unworthy of your hard earned cash, and this is no exception. For starters, this isn't a title blessed with the majestic beauty of an 'ICO' or 'Shadow of the Colossus'. So shallow types won't be too happy with sticking this into their PS2s after watching the gorgeous Audrey Tautou frolic around on the big screen. And unfortunately for us gamers, it plays even worse. It's taken on board and included every painful gaming drawback you've ever had nightmares about. Un-intuitive control systems, tedious battles and ridiculously simple puzzles are all included. So to round this review up in one easy sentence; the 'Da Vinci Code' could only be more painful if the insertion of the disc into your PS2 caused said machine to sprout arms, and mercilessly pummel you into bloody submission every time your hands wandered towards the game. Avoid.

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out now on PS2/Xbox
from 2K games