StarFox Command(Nintendo)

A charming and involving experience for your DS

Game Review by Dave Cook | 12 Dec 2006
Fox McCloud and his fleet are back to face a new enemy in an adventure that looks and sounds fantastic, coupled with a unique control system that feels great. StarFox Command completely reinvents the series by throwing in a turn-based strategy element similar to Nintendo's Advance Wars. When one of your fleet clashes with a swarm of enemy fighters or a mother ship, the game switches to dogfight mode, placing you in the cockpit of your Arwing fighter where you must eliminate all enemies in that area. At first, the controls may seem odd to some users: steering your ship with the stylus, firing with any button on the DS and double tapping the screen to execute a speed burst. But given some time, you will be performing all sorts of barrel rolls and high speed u-turns, resulting in much satisfaction. A charming and involving experience for your DS, StarFox Command will delight veterans and newcomers alike. [Dave Cook]
Release date: Out now for Nintendo DS.

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