Pro Evolution Soccer 6

this game rocks

Game Review by Philip Roberts | 12 Nov 2006
I think it was my Dad's fault, but somewhere along the line football
was lost on me. The 'beautiful game' just never really caught my
attention, so the fact that I am itching to finish this review so I can
get back home and thrash my flatmates 5-0 again is really saying something.
Visually, 'Pro Evo 6' is everything a next-gen game should be. The players look like they have just walked out of Madame Tussauds, whilst the stadiums and pitches look, well, real. Konami have also got the animation sorted, every movement looks natural and fluid, and unique to each player – often meaning you can tell which opponent hacked you down, just by the way he did it, allowing you to direct your torrent of abuse at him. Graphics aside, it is the gameplay that makes 'Pro Evo 6' so awesomely addictive. 'PES5' suffered from being a little frustrating, with unforgiving referees giving away far too many free-kicks. This time around the balance has been restored, making for much more fluid and exciting football. Also, the five pages of controls in the manual (don't worry they aren't 'Tekken' complex), mean you can get wee Rooney to do pretty much anything he could do in real-life, making for some pretty sexy replays. The only real negative is that a rushed release on the 360 version has seen some features omitted – you cannot save replays for example – but to most they won't be that important, and the game still rocks without them anyway.
Out now on all formats (Konami)