Over the Hedge - For WEB only

look pretty and has lots of bright colours

Game Review by J Wilson | 14 Aug 2006
Set a year or so after DreamWorks' movie of the same name, you take control of the star stuffed animals from the film (though they're more b-grade impersonators now, even Avril wouldn't lower herself ) beating other less star filled vertebrates with things. A basic platform/action game interspersed with base humour and a few mini-games. Coming with low expectations (as for most movie merchandise games) it fills them well enough and suffers from relatively few flaws: a crap camera, no lip movement on the animals and tedious gameplay. Though it does look pretty and has lots of bright colours, so it will probably shut your kids up for at least a few hours... [Josh Wilson]
From Activision
Out now for PS2/Xbox.