Mortal Kombat Armageddon(Midway)

Do we really need another Mortal Kombat game?

Game Review by Steve Adams | 12 Dec 2006
60+ fighters. A mythical tournament. And blood, LOTS of blood. It has to be Mortal Kombat. Do we really neec another Mortal Kombat game though? Well, yes and no. This is a step forward for the franchise, although it's essentially the same game it always was, with some tweaks. The Kreate-A-Fighter mode lets you make your own fighter and take him/her through the tournament (time consuming, and a little repetitive if we're honest), and the new Kreate-A-Fatality mode does add some interest, even if it proves very annoying at first. Simple button combinations ending with one body-part ripping finisher... You WILL get to grips with it if you spend enough time with it… The Konquest mode is vastly improved from Mortal Kombat: Deception, and plays much like Streets of Rage, which isn't bad in my book, and is rather enjoyable this time round. However, the Motor Kombat sub game is severely lacking, looking and feeling like a poor man's Mario Kart. The controls are, well, garbage, and it's just no fun. Best to avoid it and get back to the bloodshed. Mortal Kombat Armageddon is fun and addictive. The one downside though (Motor Kombat aside) is that with 60+ characters, can you REALLY be bothered finishing it with all of them? Most likely not. Essentially, if you love Mortal Kombat, you'll love this, though it's unlikely to win many new fans. All together then… FINISH HIM!!
Release Date: Out now on PS2.,