Metroid Prime Pinball

unless you are a big fan of pinball, there is not much to keep you playing.

Game Review by Stu Younger | 15 Jun 2006
Samus, it would turn out, is a she. She lives a complex life in many parts. In Metroid Prime Pinball, she spends most of her time rolled up tight, like a shiny hedgehog with no spines, being battered around a pinball table by a couple of paddles. Samus is subject to all manner of torture - she's captured by Metroids, thrown around by triclops and even attacked by space pirates!
For added variety there are mini-games aka battle modes, where Samus gets up, and starts shooting shit with her laser! These are exciting, and can yield high scores, but even so, this is just another pinball game - there is not too much more to say. It has its own uniqueness inherant to the DS (however underdeveloped - you can nudge the table with your finger, that's all) and some idiosyncracies that are unique to the four tables (two of which you have to unlock), but that's about it. Three plays in and I was already top of the 'Top Hunters' list - whilst not entirely rinsed, unless you are a big fan of pinball there is not much to keep you playing. [Stu]
Rumble Pak included with game, to make your DS wiggle a tiny bit.
Out now on DS.