Metroid Prime Hunters (Nintendo)

Game Review by Josh Wilson | 15 Jun 2006
At last. They've been teasing anyone with a DS with this title since launch. Innovative use of the touch pad, coupled with multiplayer prospects, both wi-fi and over the internet, made the demo of 'MPH' very appealing. It all sounded very gravy. But then it took over a year for the final version to appear. Was it worth the wait? Yes and no. No because it isn't amazing - the gameplay is fairly simple (run shoot, jump, roll shoot) and lacks any real plot. But yes as this is fun, there's a wide variety of weaponry to master, and a few challenging enemies to battle. The single player really is secondary though. The game comes into its own in multiplayer mode. Play against four friends from just one game cartridge (value for money) or take it online with you unique player profile and play people from anywhere… anywhere (with a hotspot). Once you get the 'easy' to set up connection going (not as easy as Nintendo would have you believe) this really is the dogs'. If you like online play then this really is worth buying. Coupled with Nintendo's strategy of offering free wi-fi, it would be rude not too. [Josh Wilson]
Out now for Nintendo DS.