Essential PSP exclusive titles are few and far between...

Game Review by Chris Pickering | 14 Aug 2006
Essential PSP exclusive titles are few and far between. Yes, 'Lumines' is a brilliant little title, as is 'Field Commander'. But titles that we haven't seen previously on another format that make the PSP an essential purchase are a fairly rare occurrence. But then a game like 'LocoRoco' makes an appearance. In 'LocoRoco' you start life as a tiny little blob. Then using the PSP's shoulder buttons, you twist the landscape left and right in order to let your LocoRoco traverse the terrain and reach the end of the level. All so simple so far. But during these travels, you'll need to not only pick up little flowers which increase the size of your LocoRoco, but the terrain itself holds a multitude of puzzles that need to be figured out if you're to reach the end of the level. You can also split your LocoRoco up into it's separate pieces in order to squeeze through tight gaps, and club them all back up again with a mere tap of the circle button. There's even scope to replay levels in order to up the amount of collectibles you managed to pick up. And replay you shall, as this is an absolute cracker. [Chris Pickering]
Out Now for PSP. http://www.locoroco.com/