Games Are For Everyone sets up stall at Edinburgh's Mash House

Preview by Darren Carle | 18 May 2015
  • The Mash House

While we have custom-built venues for music, film, theatre and art, you’ve got to get a little more creative when showcasing the burgeoning world of videogames. But hey, why think too hard about it when you can just take over your local boozer for a night?

That’s the plan with Games Are For Everyone, a one-off event being held at Edinburgh’s Mash House on 21 May. With support from the International Game Developers Association, it promises a night which will both showcase and celebrate local talent in the field of videogames.

From the resurgence in local multiplayer games to ever-popular puzzle titles, as well as some special projects for the night itself, Games Are For Everyone promises to live up to its name. "We want to create a night that’s inclusive and welcoming of absolutely everybody," says organiser Andrew Dyce. "If there’s anyone out there who fancies an evening of amazing video games in a fantastic setting, then we'd love for them to come along!"

There will be playable games, demos and installations from some of Scotland’s top gaming talent, including the likes of Hidden Armada and Space Budgie from videogaming mecca Dundee, Ludometrics from Glasgow as well as Edinburgh-based Ant Workshop, Tim Mann and Jack King-Spooner.

"Games Are For Everyone is about bringing games out from behind closed doors and into an amazing social atmosphere," continues Andrew. "But it’s also about showing off some of the incredible things being created by Scottish game developers, while bringing people together to celebrate games in all their varied and brilliant forms."

If that sounds like your cup of tea then go to the website here for tickets and more information.


Start and end times: 19:00 – 00:00 Price: £6 / £7 - Tickets from