Family Guy(Take 2 Interactive)

Family Guy is a TV tie-in that is as accurate a representation to the actual show as possible

Game Review by Dave Cook | 12 Dec 2006
Tie-in games are usually a grey area of the gaming industry, often churning out games that barely pass as playable. Family Guy, however, is a neat little budget title that, while not winning any awards for innovation or polish, makes up for it by being damn entertaining.

Although strictly for regular viewers of the show, thanks to a barrage of in-jokes, Family Guy consists of three different storylines each with their own gaming style. One sees evil genius toddler Stewie trying to stop his infant counterpart and arch nemesis Bertram from taking over the world through a series of shooting and platform sections. Another involves alcoholic mutt Brian trying to escape the long arm of the law through a string of stealth sections and Peter tries to save the town from a mysterious threat by, well… beating up everything that moves, Streets of Rage style.

Each storyline is rammed to the gunnels with hilarious jokes and one-liners that fans are sure to appreciate, coupled with a host of fun mini-games - similar to those in Nintendo's Wario Ware - based on the various 'this is worse than that time when…' flashback scenes that litter each episode.

Family Guy is a TV tie-in that is as accurate a representation of the actual show as possible, which will have fans rejoicing - but this is also it's greatest flaw. If you haven't seen the show you won't be able to appreciate it on the same level, and then the unrealistic graphics and standard game play become unforgivable. Otherwise, give this a go and prepare to have a blast 'just like that one time I…' [Dave Cook]

Release date: Out now for PS2, PSP and Xbox.

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