Games to Look Forward to in March 2006

Feature by JW | 17 Mar 2006

March 03

Fifa Street 2 (DS/PSP/PS2/Xbox)

The most streetest footie game ever! 

LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth II (PC)

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (Xbox/360)

March 10

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (PSP)

Classic beat'em up comes to another shiny handheld with WiFi loveliness.

24: The Game (PS2)

Jack Bauer gets ruffed up again, in this action adventure with a script from the shows writers.

Fight Night Round 3 (PS2/Xbox/360/PSP)

Use your virtual fists to pound all the big names into submission.

Lemmings (PSP) 

The cute suicidal tards are back for some brainstewing puzzle action

March 17

Commandos: Strike Force (PC/PS2/Xbox)

The WWII puzzler gets 3D and shooty.

Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition (PS2/Xbox)

Custom racer re-release, more cars, tracks and er.. tracks

The Outfit (360)

Multiple squad based WWII single and multiplayer tactical shooter

March 24

The Godfather (Xbox/PS2/PC)

Look up and all will be revealed.

Worms: Open Warfare (DS/PSP)

Addictive, tactical and funny, shoot your friends to shit with concrete donkeys or die trying.

Samurai Warriors: State of War (PSP)

Tactical Japanese continuation of Dynasty Warriors, with more strategy than you can shake a samurai at.