ATV Offroad Fury 3

Game Review by Dave Kerr | 17 Mar 2006
  • ATV Offroad Fury 3

Developed by Climax, Offroad Fury 3 demands that you and your trusty quad rip and powerslide your way through 40 tracks on 6 highly detailed terrains from aircraft hangers to industrial playgrounds that resemble RoboCop's gaff. All of this with a soundtrack of the usual screamo and emo suspects to accompany/bug the hell out of you throughout the ride. To handle the various stunt manoeuvres is relatively simple, but to master the induction is a shrewd move nonetheless, if only to become accustomed to how to use your quad's weight as momentum before you make a half-cocked stab on the course. Although the handling may initially seem tricky, the actual wheel traction feels authentic somehow, as you to and fro; by race three you're a dab hand and the only remaining problems left are the five automaton dipshits on your tail. Take 'em down.

Out Now on PS2. Price £19.99 (Sony)