Gadget Gift Guide 2010

Feature by Alex Cole | 01 Dec 2010

Ah, the holidays, a magical time of sharing and family togetherness, full of... to hell with it, you want shiny new toys, and so do I. 2010 was a good year for kit, and whether you’re buying for a tech lover or making your own wishlist, there’s plenty of gadgets to go around.

ViewSonic 3DV5 (£150): 3D in your pocket. Sure, it’s a bit of cheese and it’s not like you’ll be filming the Avatar sequel all by yourself, but with 3D TVs more common and an awesome scene to shoot, this little toy is way more fun than it should be. Do the crazy thing where you reach towards the camera, works every time.

HTC Desire HD (Free on 2-year contract): It’s always a toughie deciding the best phone on the market at any given time, but right now, as good as the iPhone 4 is, the Desire is king of the hill. A huge screen, speedy processor and an ever-growing catalogue of apps make this configurable phone all kinds of drool-worthy.

Annoy-o-tron (£9.99): You’re not an evil person, of course, but that dick in your class really needs some poetic justice. Enter the Annoy-o-tron, a tiny little chip that beeps and chirps at random intervals, never the same tone or frequency. An evil person could use one of these to drive someone crazy before the batter runs out. Not that you’re evil.

Lens Thermos (£19.95): Sure, it ain’t the telephoto lens you really want, but just imagine their looks when you pour your coffee from a 70-300mm lens. It looks the part perfectly, and will make any photog jealous.

Aiptek T15 Pico Projector (£99): A tiny phone screen is fine for a YouTube for one, but when you want to share a totally legal movie or slide show, one of these will make your day. It can’t outdo a TV in sunlight, but for a travelling or camping roadshow, this can plug right into your laptop or phone and put an image anywhere.

8-bit Watch (£43): Geeks and nostalgia go together like Link and the grappling hook (don’t ask). This is the perfect watch for those whose relationship with games goes back a few years. Looks way sexier than any of those nonsense Omega watches on the high street. Just ask anyone.