Student Life: Wakey, wakey! - The Best Breakfasts in Scotland

Mornings. Likelihood is that you will be sleeping through most of your morning lectures, but if you manage to be up early (or late) enough to justify brekkie you will need fuel. Recommended coffee and carb stops below...

Feature by Penny Green | 11 Sep 2008
  • Breakfast in the King's Wark, Leith

Artisan Roast, 57 Broughton Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3RJ

Ethically sourced coffee made by expert barristas.


Gaia, 32 Crichton Place Edinburgh, EH7 4NY

Proper family-run Italian deli with the best coffee in town.


Tinderbox, 118 Ingram Street, Glasgow, G1 1EJ

The coffee wowee here is created by a clever 'clover' filter machine found nowhere else in the UK.


Kilau, 9 Little Belmont Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1JG

"coffee, crepes and contemporary art"


Tapa Coffee & Bakehouse, 721 Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow, G41 2AA

Organic and a bit posh, in house bakery produces yum cakes.


Musa, 33 Exchange Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6PH

Arty café that used to be a banana warehouse.


North Point Café, 24 North Street, St Andrews, KY16 9AQ

Ace pancakes.


The King's Wark, 36 The Shore, Leith, EH6 6QU

Edinburgh's best gastro-pub doesn't disappoint in the mornings. Gobble gobble.