Student Venues: Veggie Comfort Food

The places across Scotland to grab some veggie comfort food

Article by Nadia Younes and Peter Simpson | 10 Sep 2018

Flying Duck
142 Renfield St, Glasgow
A pub and multi-platform arts and culture gathering space is the closest anyone's got to categorising this place. It's brimming with regular events from life drawing to film and club nights, and their animal-free menu is full of subs, hot dogs and two different kinds of vegan burger.

60 Henderson St, Edinburgh
For years Edinburgh's veggies and vegans have gazed jealously at Glasgow's venerable veggie spots. Now, that deliciously animal-free awesomeness is in Leith, with an all-vegan menu of dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world. Try the mushroom scallops, and prepare to have your mind blown.

Leith Market
Dock Place, Edinburgh
Part of the Stockbridge Market family, the first Saturday of the month at Leith Market plays host to the Vegan Quarter, as well as hosting the usual traders. Kuku burgers, kombucha, cupcakes and brownies are just a few of the things you can find there.

12 Kings Court, Glasgow
A vegan fortress which wears its meatlessness firmly on its sleeve. Where other vegan menus can suffer from a heartbreakingly dull reliance on avocados and the adjective ‘smashed,’ Mono triumphs. It also microbrews its own ginger beer and lemonade, and even features its own fiercely independent record store with a particular devotion to vinyl.

Paradise Palms
41 Lothian St, Edinburgh
Charismatic staff, cheap cocktails for students, veggie soul food for dinner and live entertainment, all in a comfy and exciting bar that feels a bit like the result of an explosion in a party supplies shop.

Ranjit's Kitchen
607 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow
With a small menu which continually shapeshifts to match the vegetables that are locally available, it offers a vibrant range of paneers, sabjis and samosas, all bursting with flavour. Even though the home in question is on the other side of the planet, the comforting feel of real home cooking is unmistakable.

Union of Genius
8 Forrest Rd, Edinburgh
Six different soups on offer every day, pulling out the stops to suit vegans, veggies and gluten-free eaters. Seasonal, locally sourced, and blummin’ delicious.

Honorable mentions: We can also recommend the veggie fare at Glasgow gig venues Stereo (Renfield Ln) and The Hug and Pint (171 Great Western Rd), and want to give shout-outs to the plant-based curries of Kalpna in the heart of Edinburgh Uni territory, (2-3 St Patrick Sq, Edinburgh) and all-vegan cafe Marwick's in Dundee (12 Union St).