Student Venues: Super Cheap Eats

Scotland's student cities are hotbeds for incredible food at absurdly low prices; here are some of our favourites

Article by Nadia Younes and Peter Simpson | 10 Sep 2018

Africano Wrap Place
6 Chapel St, Edinburgh
The clue's in the title. Our fave is the falafel wrap: homemade falafel, paired with a smooth houmous and a delightful spicy peanut sauce. All their wraps are great, and they all come with sides of 'feeling incredibly full' and 'change from a fiver'.

Big Mouth Coffee Co
167 Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow
If you like breakfasts and/ or toasties, this is the place for you. Grab a full veggie breakfast for under £5, get yourself a nice warm sandwich and a soup for the same, or alternatively just get a humungous slice of cake and hang out.

117 Bath St, Glasgow
Delicious deals all over the place – macaroni cheese for £3 every Monday, burgers for the same price every Tuesday... the list goes on.

172 Rose St & 47 South Clerk St, Edinburgh
Stop! Buying! Domino's! Pizza! Look, Dough have an extensive array of by-the-slice pies, all delicious seawater crusts and fresh ingredients. They’ll see you right with a humungous slice and a salad for less than £5.

Dr Noodles
89 Nethergate, Dundee
Want some variety in your life, but in a way, that means you can maintain complete control over the situation? Visit the doctor for some highly reasonable and extremely customisable noodle dishes.

Kimchi Cult!
14 Chancellor St, Glasgow
You don't bring a spoon to a knife fight, and you don't beat a hangover with a bag of crisps. Kimchi Cult!'s £6.50 lunch deal will hook you up with a Bibimbap rice bowl or a steamed bun and fries, plus a drink.

Falafel to Go
116 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow
This tiny, literal hole in the wall off Sauchiehall Street, charges just £2.50 for excellent, freshly-prepared falafel wraps! Two-fifty! Why are you still reading this?

Mosque Kitchen
31 Nicolson Sq, Edinburgh; 50 Potterrow, Edinburgh
There are two cafes called Mosque Kitchen just yards from each other, and the differences between the two are too difficult to get into here. All you need to know is they both serve up huge plates of spicy goodness starting at just a few quid.

39 Renfield St, Glasgow; 13 Whitehall St, Dundee
If you want a filling evening that won't break the bank, hit up Mozza for their authentic Neapolitan pizzas, all of which clock in at under a tenner.

38 South Bridge, Edinburgh
As you lug fourteen new social anthropology textbooks home from Blackwell’s, The Piemaker will make you feel like the world is okay again – not least because they still make macaroni pies.

118 Buccleuch St & 15 W Register St, Edinburgh
Fry-ups! Snax is a much-loved Edinburgh staple where you can hide from economics lectures while filling your face with tattie scones and bits of bacon.

32 Home St, Edinburgh
Mexican eatery Taquito can help you load up on spicy treats at astonishingly reasonable prices. A burrito and a drink for a fiver? Count us in.

Wee Mexico
134 Nethergate, Dundee
Get your burrito fix on Tayside with these guys, serving up tasty handheld Mexican greatness for not much money at all. Thumbs up from us.